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22. Community Health Centres - Northern Sydney Local Health District

Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government—Health Last reviewed: 04/04/2018

Review: Provides a service directory for community health centres and the services they provide, in the northern Sydney area. Use the search tool to identify referral, treatment, rehab, counselling and aftercare services related to alcohol and other drugs and mental health issues.

Tags: Addiction, Aftercare, Assessment, Consumers, Counselling, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Mental health, Referrals, Rehab, Safe injecting, Service directories

26. Drug and alcohol abuse - Healthscope Hospitals

Australia, National services Creator: Healthscope Hospitals Last reviewed: 28/04/2018

Review: A service directory of hospitals throughout Australia offering a broad range of inpatient programs, day programs, medical support, outreach services and aftercare for patients requiring mental health support. Best suited to consumers covered by private health insurance. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services. 

Tags: Comorbidity, Counselling, Medical, Service directories

27. Directline - Turning Point

Australia, VIC Creator: Turning Point Last reviewed: 03/01/2018

Review: Confidential alcohol & drug counselling, information and referral in Victoria. Includes online self-assessment tools, a 24 hour free telephone helpline, and information targeted towards people who use drugs, families and friends, and health professionals. The service provides referral links for withdrawal services, methadone and other pharmacotherapies, drink and drug driving relicensing services, rehab and post withdrawal services, and specialty services for youth or Indigenous communities. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Assessment, Counselling, Families, Helpline, Indigenous, Online, Professional, Referrals, Rehab, Service directories, Telephone, Youth

29. Hornsby Ku-rin-gai Service Directory - Northern Sydney Local Health District - NSW Government

Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government - Health - Northern Sydney Local Health District Last reviewed: 20/11/2018

Review: Links to government supported treatment services in the northern Sydney region including those for inpatient and day mental health services; outpatient services; drug and alcohol detox, assessment and rehab; child, adolescent and family health; health promotion, and addiction intervention services. 

Tags: Addiction, Children, Detox, Families, Government, Health promotion, Infectious diseases, Mental health, Rehab, Residential treatment, Service directories, Youth