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91. Resources -Mentha Consulting

3 out of 5 stars
Australia, VIC Creator: Mentha Consulting Last reviewed: 14/05/2018 Tags: Comorbidity, Counselling, Information, People who use drugs, Professionals, Resources, Training

92. Catherine House

Australia, SA Creator: Catherine House Last reviewed: 31/08/2018

Review: Catherine Hose provides supported accommodation for women affected by complex overlapping issues, including mental illness, alcohol and other drug problems, and homelessness. Located in inner-city Adelaide. Women can self-refer to the organisation although the majority of referrals are made by social health or medical professionals. Services include alternative treatments, workplace training and life skills training to help women to develop skills, strengths and behaviours which will help them to become independent. A comorbidity specialist is employed on-site. Since last review, they've updated their website to comply with accessibility standards, and to work on mobile/tablet screens. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Aftercare, Alternative treatments, Comorbidity, Homeless, Mental health, Residential treatment, Training, Violence, Women, Workplaces

93. Drug ARM Australasia - Healthy Options Australia (HOA)

Australia Creator: Healthy Options Australia (HOA) Last reviewed: 29/05/2018

Review: Provides a nuumber of counselling and support programs throughout Australia through agency based, telephone counselling, care coordination and outreach services in rural and remote areas for individuals and families with complex alcohol and drug issues. Also provides training programs.

Tags: Addiction, Communities, Counselling, Indigenous, Outreach, Rehab, Rural and remote, Training, Youth

94. Destiny Haven

Australia, NSW Creator: Destiny Haven Last reviewed: 29/04/2018

Review: A long-term residential life skills development training program for women with any life-controlling issues, such as alcohol and other drug dependence or mental health issues, or victims of abuse and violence. Programs incorporate counselling, group work, education, peer support, mentoring and participation in alternative treatments such as their established cottage industry options. Participants are required to pay 75% of their Centrelink payment to enable them to be involved. Self-referral is available by using the online email contact form. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Abuse & violence, Alternative treatments, Comorbidity, Counselling, Mental health, Mentoring, Peer support, Referrals, Rehab, Residential treatment, Training, Women

95. Drug and alcohol services - Northern NSW Local Health District

Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government, Ministry of Health Last reviewed: 15/04/2018

Review: The government supported drug and alcohol services available in the northern NSW area include detox, counselling, early intervention, hospital consultation, heroin treatment services, medical support & treatment, pharmacotherapy options, community development, education and training, and diversion initiatives for drug offenders who are in the court system. Information and initial referrals can be made via a telephone call. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Assessment, Counselling, Detox, Diversion, Drug courts, Early intervention, Education, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Heroin, Medical, Pharmacotherapy, Rehab, Residential treatment, Telephone, Training

97. Ted Noffs Foundation

Australia, NSW Creator: Ted Noffs Foundation Last reviewed: 12/12/2018

Review: Comprehensive youth-focused organisation that provides a range of programs including residential treatment and a homelessness support. Locations in Sydney, Canberra, and south eastern Queensland. The site provides information about the programs and services they offer, and telephone helpline links for people concerned about themselves, a friend or a relative who might be misusing alcohol or other drugs.

Tags: Addiction, Counselling, Detox, Harm reduction, Homeless, Outreach, Professional development, Rehab, Research, Residential treatment, Students, Training, Youth

98. National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA)

5 out of 5 stars
Australia Creator: National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA), Flinders University Last reviewed: 19/11/2018 Tags: Addiction, Drug testing, Harm reduction, Information, Law Enforcement, Policy, Professional development, Professionals, Research, Resources, Statistics, Training, Workplaces

99. Youth Solutions

4 out of 5 stars
Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Health - South Western Sydney Local Health District Last reviewed: 16/11/2018 Tags: Alcohol, Communities, Events, Families, Harm reduction, Indigenous, Information, Peer support, Prevention, Professional development, Professionals, Resources, Students, Teachers, Training, Youth