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21. Alcohol and Drug Help

Australia, VIC Creator: Alcohol and Drug Help Last reviewed: 14/04/2018

Review: Private practice providing structured intervention, rehab and aftercare services for people who use drugs and who are experiencing dependency or addiction issues. This service promotes options for families or employers who are looking for support to help a family member or employee in their workplace for whom they have concerns. In addition to screening, assessment, counselling and information, this service provides educaiton workshops which address lifestyle, financial, legal and behaviour challenges associated with addiction or dependency. Initial referral can be made through the online email link. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Addiction, Aftercare, Assessment, Counselling, Early intervention, Education, Families, People who use drugs, Rehab, Screening, Workplaces

22. Community Health Centres - Northern Sydney Local Health District

Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government—Health Last reviewed: 04/04/2018

Review: Provides a service directory for community health centres and the services they provide, in the northern Sydney area. Use the search tool to identify referral, treatment, rehab, counselling and aftercare services related to alcohol and other drugs and mental health issues.

Tags: Addiction, Aftercare, Assessment, Consumers, Counselling, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Mental health, Referrals, Rehab, Safe injecting, Service directories

23. Outpatient group programs - Austin Health

Australia, VIC Creator: Austin Health Last reviewed: 14/12/2018

Review: An outpatient group-based, peer support treatment and support program for individuals with post-traumatic mental health conditions who experience alcohol or other drug misuse. The program includes education, behaviour change and relapse prevention. Also offered is a rehab program which is conducted over a twelve month period. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Comorbidity, Consumers, Counselling, Education, Mental health, Peer support, Rehab

24. Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO)

Australia, VIC Creator: Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO) Last reviewed: 19/10/2018

Review: Integrated services for people at risk of incarceration, prisoners, and recently released offenders experiencing problematic alcohol and other drugs and/or mental health issues. Support also provided to limit homelessness, unemployment and social isolation with residential support and rehab available for individuals. Also provides targeted programs such as drug diversion, comorbidity and ICE early intervention programs and works with Indigenous community and problematic behaviour in youth. Located in city and rural centres.

Tags: Aftercare, Assessment, Comorbidity, Disabilities, Homeless, Indigenous, Justice, Offenders, Prisoners, Rehab, Residential treatment, Service directories, Training, Unemployment, Youth

25. Barkly Region Alcohol & Drug Abuse Advisory Group – Aboriginal Corporation

Australia, NT Creator: Barkly Region Alcohol & Drug Abuse Advisory Group – Aboriginal Corporation Last reviewed: 16/10/2018

Review: Primary health care for remote residents in the Tennant Creek area, provides links to residential detox, rehab, outreach and aftercare programs.

Tags: Aftercare, Counselling, Detox, Families, Outreach, Rehab, Residential treatment, Rural and remote

26. Health Services - Brisbane Youth Service

Australia, QLD Creator: Brisbane Youth Service Last reviewed: 09/04/2017

Review: Client focused and strength-based services for young people who are homeless or at-risk. A holistic array of alcohol, other drug and mental health harm reduction programs, counselling, rehab, referrals to specialist services, safe injecting resources and medical and legal services.

Tags: Consumers, Counselling, Education, Harm reduction, Homeless, Peer support, Prevention, Referrals, Rehab, Safe injecting, Youth


2 out of 5 stars
USA Creator: Last reviewed: 21/11/2018 Tags: Addiction, Carers, Families, Information, News, Online, People who use drugs, Rehab, Research

29. Byron Private Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centre

Australia, NSW Creator: Byron Private Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centre Last reviewed: 22/03/2019

Review: Private residential treatment and rehab facility located in the Byron Bay area. Provides a variety of therapy approaches including group, individual, equine-assisted, and 12 step meetings. Can host 12 clients at a time. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Addiction, Aftercare, Alternative treatments, Comorbidity, Mental health, Rehab, Residential treatment

30. Alcohol and other Drugs Services - Catholic Care NT

Australia, NT Creator: Catholic Care NT Last reviewed: 19/02/2019

Review: Overview of services provided by Catholic Care in the NT. Includes outreach, assessment, rehab, counselling, intervention and youth diversion services. Specialised services available for people with Indigenous heritage, people living in rural and remote areas, children, adolescents, families, men and women. The search tool provides information about services by location and category.

Tags: Assessment, Children, Counselling, Diversion, Families, Mental health, Outreach, Rehab, Rural and remote, Violence, Youth