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2. Alcohol and other Drugs - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

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Australia Creator: Australian Government - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Last reviewed: 26/03/2019 Tags: Addiction, Databases, Evaluation, Government, Information, Professionals, Statistics

3. Pharmacotherapy treatment - health.vic.- Victoria State Government

Australia, VIC Creator: Victoria State Government Last reviewed: 31/01/2019

Review: Pharmacotherapy is one of the six treatment streams available for clients with heroin or opioid dependence in Victoria. It is usually prescribed by general practitioners or nurse practitioners who have been trained to prescribe. Trained community-based pharmacists usually dispense pharmacotherapy. Clients can access pharmacotherapy through DirectLine, catchment-based intake and assessment services and primary-care providers. Specialist pharmacotherapy services are available for people with complex medical, comorbidity or mental health problems. Additional documents available for medical personnel including the 'Policy for maintenance pharmacotherapy for opioid dependence'. This is the Victorian Government's information page about pharmacotherapy and available treatment options in Victoria. 

Tags: Comorbidity, Databases, Heroin, Medical, Mental health, Pharmacotherapy, Policy, Service directories

6. Qld Progressive Health

Australia, QLD Creator: Qld Progressive Health Last reviewed: 21/01/2018

Review: Medical and psychological support services for people who use opiate drugs and are seeking treatment. Services include bulk-billed appointments with doctors for opioid replacement therapy with Suboxone, Methadone and Subutex and referral to counselling services. Also helps with pain management.

Tags: Addiction, Consumers, Counselling, Harm reduction, Heroin, Pharmacotherapy, Referrals, Rehab

8. Drug and alcohol - Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District

Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government Last reviewed: 30/03/2019

Review: Provides a range of alcohol and other drug services including an inpatient withdrawal unit, a comprehensive opioid treatment program, a drugs in pregnancy/parenting program, smoking cessation, youth, forensic, counselling and psychology services for individuals with alcohol, other drugs and comorbidity issues. Health promotion programs and Aboriginal liaison are also available located in the Nepean Blue Mountains district. NOTE: this review is provided for the website only, not the treatment services on offer on the website. 

Tags: Addiction, Comorbidity, Counselling, Detox, Early intervention, Health promotion, Heroin, Indigenous, Law Enforcement, Mental health, Pharmacotherapy, Pregnancy, Prevention, Rehab, Service directories, Youth

10. Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network - Department of Health - NSW Government

Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government - Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network Last reviewed: 28/02/2019

Review: Provides a range of healthcare services, including alcohol and other drug support, to young people and adults who are involved in the justice system including in custody. Alcohol and drug services include withdrawal management and assessment for opioid substitution therapy. Downloadable online brochure explains the available services in multiple languages. Operates a 24 hour mental health hotline for people who are detained or in custody, their carers and relatives, and justice services staff in NSW. Also conducts and publishes patient health surveys.

Tags: Addiction, Assessment, Communities, Counselling, Drug courts, Harm reduction, Indigenous, Justice, Medical, Mental health, Pharmacotherapy, Prisoners, Rehab, Research, Strategy, Women, Youth