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91. Tobacco Free Initiative - World Health Organization (WHO)

5 out of 5 stars
International Creator: World Health Organization (WHO) Last reviewed: 09/12/2018 Tags: Advocacy, Campaigns, Health promotion, Industry, Information, Policy, Prevention, Statistics, Strategy, Tobacco

92. International Projects and Scholars - UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs

2 out of 5 stars
International Creator: UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs Last reviewed: 09/12/2018 Tags: Databases, Information, Policy, Research

93. Services - Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services Aboriginal Corporation

Australia, NT Creator: Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services Aboriginal Corporation Last reviewed: 09/12/2018

Review: Provides prevention, treatment, outreach, education and after care services to Aboriginal people and families in urban and remote communities in the Northern Territory. Training opportunities for people looking to establish a career in the alcohol and other drugs field.

Tags: Alcohol, Detox, Education, Families, Homeless, Indigenous, Inhalants, News, Residential treatment, Rural and remote, Training, Youth

94. D.A.R.E. [Drug Abuse Resistance Education]

3 out of 5 stars
USA Creator: D.A.R.E. [Drug Abuse Resistance Education] Last reviewed: 30/11/2018 Tags: Abstinence, Curriculum, Education, Families, Law, Police, Prevention, Prohibition, Students, Teachers

95. Women's Christian Temperance Union

1 out of 5 stars
Australia Creator: Women's Christian Temperance Union Last reviewed: 30/11/2018 Tags: Abstinence, Advocacy, Alcohol, Associations, Children, Education, Families, Foetal alcohol spectrum, Parents, Prevention, Resources, Tobacco, Women

96. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence [NICE]

5 out of 5 stars
UK Creator: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Last reviewed: 30/11/2018 Tags: Addiction, Alcohol, Clinical guidelines, Databases, Health promotion, Medical, Professionals, Research, Tobacco

97. Campbell Collaboration

5 out of 5 stars
International Creator: Campbell Collaboration Last reviewed: 30/11/2018 Tags: Crime, Law, Mental health, Multicultural, Policy, Professional development, Research

98. Preventative Health - Department of Health and Human Services - State Government of Victoria

5 out of 5 stars
Australia, VIC Creator: State Government of Victoria - Department of Health & Human Services Last reviewed: 30/11/2018 Tags: Government, Health promotion, Indigenous, Information, Mental health, Policy, Professionals, Strategy, Tobacco

99. Alcohol and other drugs - Adult and Family - Barwon Child, Youth and family

Australia, VIC Creator: Barwon Child, Youth and Family Last reviewed: 30/11/2018

Review: Non-government agency providing a range of outreach, assessment, counselling, alternative treatments, referral, counselling and relapse prevention services for young people aged 12–25 years and the families of people who use drugs in the Geelong and surf coast region. Email or phone for referral and intake enquiries. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Alternative treatments, Assessment, Diversion, Families, Outreach, People who use drugs, Prevention, Rehab, Youth