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131. Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Service - Mater Young Adult Health Service

Australia, QLD Creator: Mater Children's Hospital Last reviewed: 05/03/2019

Review: Comprehensive mental health and comorbidity service for young people. Includes a residential drug withdrawal program with individualised support, brief interventions, relapse prevention planning, outreach and a day activity program. A multi disciplinary team support young people and their families.

Tags: Comorbidity, Detox, Families, Medical, Mental health, Outreach, Rehab, Residential treatment, Youth

133. Greater Risk - Dalgarno Institute

3 out of 5 stars
Australia Creator: Dalgarno Institute Last reviewed: 05/03/2019 Tags: Alcohol, Binge drinking, Campaigns, Events, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Statistics, Violence, Youth

136. Pride 123 - d2 Digital by Design

2 out of 5 stars
UK Creator: d2 Digital by Design Last reviewed: 05/03/2019 Tags: Curriculum, Education, Parents, Schools, Students, Teachers

137. Your Health Link - Mid North Coast Local Health District - NSW Government

4 out of 5 stars
Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government - Mid North Coast Local health District Last reviewed: 05/03/2019 Tags: Carers, Consumers, Databases, Indigenous, Men, Multicultural, Resources, Service directories, Women, Youth

138. Drinks Initiatives

3 out of 5 stars
Europe Creator: European Drinks Industry Last reviewed: 04/03/2019 Tags: Addiction, Alcohol, Binge drinking, Databases, Drivers, Harm reduction, Industry, Multicultural, Pregnancy, Prevention, Workplaces, Youth