Women and drugs: gender impact assessment - Women’s Health Victoria

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Australia, VIC Creator: Women’s Health Victoria Available for: Desktop Last reviewed: 11/12/2017

Review: Archived, but interesting, 'Gender Impact Assessment' which explored the intersection of various issues with women's drug use (prescription drugs, mental health, intimate partner violence, sexual health, and maternal health) and issues for particular populations of women (same sex attracted women, women in prisons, and indigenous women). It was a significant paper in influencing national and Victorian policy. The site retains links to current Issues Papers, policy debate, health information links and the Women's Health Clearinghouse. A statewide women's health promotion, information and advocacy organisation. Access to a publication on women and drug use. News articles related to women's issues and the use of alcohol and other drugs are cited.

Tags: Comorbidity, GLBTIQ, Mental health, Prisoners, Research, Violence, Women