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Australia, National services Creator: Whitelion Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 26/03/2019

Review: Socially sensitive programs targeting at-risk, vulnerable, disadvantaged youth with an overall aim to develop life, work and wellbeing skills. The national organisation, with state-based services, offers a range of prevention, early intervention and treatment options including outreach, mentoring, peer support, employment and education, seminars and professional development. Crisis support is available for youth and their families with services such as housing, health, drug and alcohol programs, family counselling, legal services, re-engagement back into school, and assisting young people to find suitable workplace options. Although varying from state-to-state, the non-profit organisation provides support in both metropolitan and rural and remote communities. 

Tags: Communities, Counselling, Families, Homeless, Indigenous, Law, Mentoring, Outreach, Peer support, Prevention, Professional development, Rural and remote, Unemployment, Volunteers, Workplaces, Youth