What are you doing on ice?

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Australia, VIC Creator: Victorian Government, Department of Health, and Penington Institute Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 06/12/2017

Review: Victorian Government campaign addressing the impacts of 'ice' (crystal methamphetamine) on people who use drugs, their workplaces, their families and friends. Outlines the government comprehensive action plan addressing, prevention, treatment, supply reduction, training and support services. The site provides facts, links to a dedicated Helpline, online support, and stories by consumers and families. A brochure for family and friends is available for download and provides practical tips to cope with someone's bad reaction to the drug, including tips for managing day-to-day negative impacts. 

Tags: Addiction, Amphetamines, Campaigns, Consumers, Families, Harm reduction, Helpline, Ice, Information, People who use drugs, Prevention, Resources, Workplaces, Youth