Alcohol Think Again - WA Government

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Australia, WA Creator: WA Government Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 30/03/2019

Review: Multi-faceted public health campaign with the aim to reduce the harms associated with the supply and consumption of alcohol. Provides up-to-date statistics and TV and radio campaigns, including high-profile campaigns targeted towards young people, pregnant women, parents, drivers and Indigenous people living in metro, rural or remote areas. Resources for teachers, health professionals, policy personnel, parents and students are easily accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Easy-to-use, interactive apps to check standard drink serving sizes and an evidence-based risk assessment tool provide consumers, and those concerned about the drinking patterns of others, with discreet ways to ensure safer drinking environments and behaviours.

Tags: Alcohol, Assessment, Campaigns, Communities, Drink spiking, Drivers, Families, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Indigenous, Information, Pregnancy, Resources, Statistics, Teachers, Youth