Asia and Pacific Amphetamine-Type Stimulants Information Centre (APAIC) - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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International Creator: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 28/01/2019

Review: Collects, collates and reports on synthetic drug trends, new psychoactive substances, amphetamine use statistics, interventions of movements of illicit substances through customs, and arrests or other public data of drug-related criminal activity in the Asia-Pacific region. There is also an overview of the effects of amphetamine-type substances and interesting information relating to the illicit manufacture of drugs. Useful links to databases from a number of countries. Most relevant to police, law enforcement and other professionals requiring intelligence about trends and patterns of use of illicit substances.

Tags: Amphetamines, Criminal, Databases, Ecstasy, Ice, Information, Law Enforcement, New psychoactive substances, Police, Policy, Resources, Statistics