Counselling Online

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Australia, National services Creator: Turning Point Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 29/03/2018

Review: Free online, self-help text-based counselling service. Available twenty-four hours, seven days a week for people who use alcohol and other drugs, their family and friends and the broader Australian community. CounsellingOnline can be accessed from any computer or mobile device and is particularly user-friendly for people living in rural and remote areas. In addition, there are alcohol and other drug resources, a self-assessment link, referral services and articles for professionals. Important: The online environment may not be suitable in a crisis situation. If you are seeking help for a medical emergency or crisis involving personal safety (e.g. suicidal feelings, domestic violence or concern about harm to others), please contact the 24-hour alcohol and drug service DirectLine on 1800 888 236.

Tags: Assessment, Consumers, Counselling, Families, Information, Online, People who use drugs, Referrals, Rural and remote, Self-help, Telephone