1 out of 5 stars
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Released: 30/11/12
Cost: Free
Creator: Foundation for a Drug-Free World Available for: iPhone, iPad, Last reviewed: 15/12/2016

Review: This is a nice looking app and has a lot of features but trying to access them is impossible. This is because sign up is required. However, after a quick hunt of the app and companion website, it was still not possible. Their public service announcements are available to view – graphic visuals of all the bad things about drugs with nothing about the positive effects. Although the app is intended for use with students, we know that exaggerating the negative effects of drugs has limited influence with young people. In addition, the fact this app contains incorrect information is quite concerning. This app might appear to be good-looking, however it certainly lacks functionality and credible content. Available in iTunes.

Tags: Education, Information, Professionals, Students, Teachers, Youth