Think Don't Drink app

4 out of 5 stars
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Released: 05/09/2012
Cost: Free
Creator: Adventist Health (South Pacific) Available for: iPad, iPhone Last reviewed: 29/08/2016

Review: Think Don’t Drink was developed by a faith based health agency and draws on the science of how alcohol affects brain and body functions. A video and quiz are the main app features. The 10 minute video uses computer generated animation and voiceover well, including its description how quickly the body absorbs alcohol, blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and how alcohol affects parts of the brain controlling thought processes, planning, memories, temperature and heartbeat. The quiz tests learning from the video, and results can be shared on social media. While credible, the app lacks references to studies and guidelines. Also, its occasional ‘spiritual’ descriptions, and images of young people and alcohol, are cheesy, but this is to be expected given the abstinence approach of the agency.

Tags: Alcohol, Information, Prevention, Teachers