International Programme in Addiction Studies - The University of Adelaide

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International Creator: The University of Adelaide Available for: Desktop Last reviewed: 06/03/2019

Review: A unique international program, with undergraduate and postgraduate options, delivered entirely online to attain qualifications specialising in Addiction. Its aim is to develop professionals to assume leadership roles in the addictions field throughout the world by providing students with an advanced educational experience covering the scientific basis of addiction, comparative epidemiology, evidence-based interventions (including pharmacological, psychosocial and public health approaches), research methodology and addictions policy. The program is targeted towards professionals and recent graduates in a range of fields including health, law enforcement and policy. The programme is jointly offered by the academic staff of the University of Adelaide, Virginia Commonwealth University and the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London.   

Tags: Addiction, Law, Online, Pharmacotherapy, Policy, Students, Training