Smiling Mind app

1 out of 5 stars
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Released: 29/04/2013
Cost: Free
Creator: Smiling Mind Pty Ltd Available for: iPhone, iPad or Android Last reviewed: 15/12/2015

Review:   Smiling Mind is a useful starting point for those wanting to try mindfulness meditation. Generally, the app makes it easy to learn the basics and use age-appropriate audio content. A nifty selector bar lets you enter how you’re feeling, encouraging greater self-awareness. Voice instruction is calming, and radio friendly. It’s repetitive across programs, but helpful for practicing focusing on the moment. The app has problems though. There is no mention of current debate about the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation. Or of how people of differing cultural backgrounds deal with mental health issues. It feels too English language focused, lacks imagery more relevant to young people and the instructor’s tone might put them off. It needs considerable work to make it more effective for a full range of users.  

Tags: Consumers, Mental health, Prevention, Youth