Remote Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce Program

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Australia, NT Creator: Remote Alcohol & Other Drugs Workforce Available for: Desktop Last reviewed: 16/10/2018

Review: Network for professionals working in more than 40 communities and primary health care centres throughout rural and remote Northern Territory. Peer support, resources and training are available to frontline workers who work with Indigenous people experiencing dependency, mental health, comorbidity or addiction challenges. A number of the resources, such as "Yarning about Alcohol" or "Yarning about Gunja" would be useful in other areas of Australia. AOD professionals will find the tools for screening, assessment, relapse and aftercare to be particularly helpful. Developing the support of local communities is intrinsic to the resources provided. Highly recommended reading for any AOD worker working with Indigenous clients.

Tags: Aftercare, Assessment, Comorbidity, Indigenous, Mental health, Peer support, Resources, Rural and remote, Screening, Training, Workplaces