On Track with The Right Mix app

4 out of 5 stars
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Released: 29/11/2013
Cost: Free
Creator: Australian Government, Department of Veterans’ Affairs Available for: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Android Last reviewed: 05/05/2016

Review: There are loads of tracker apps out there, but On Track has several interesting features.  You can set it to flag when you've reached your daily spend, and it calculates how long you would need to exercise to burn off the kilojoules consumed in your nominated drink. The app provides personalised feedback on the user's risk of alcohol-related harms, based on the current Australian alcohol guidelines. There is also an interactive animation that tests how accurately the user can gauge a standard drink. Users can graph their drinking and spending and send this data to their doctor, support person or friend. The main issue with this app, as several of the reviews on iTunes and Google Play testify, is that it can be complicated to use. The wellbeing score is poorly explained. Navigation tools are not intuitive and are often lost as greyscale on a dark background. This app is suitable for anyone who wants to drink responsibly. Available in iTunes and Google Play.

Tags: Alcohol, Consumers, Harm minimisation, Screening, Self-help