Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network - Department of Health - NSW Government

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Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government - Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network Available for: Desktop Last reviewed: 05/10/2016

Review: Provides a range of medical, alcohol, other drug and mental health services to prisoners within the corrections and justice sector. Includes risk assessment, withdrawal and rehab options (including options incorporating pharmacotherapy), plus access to forensic services. Services are also provided in a number of community health settings, drug courts, release planning and compulsory drug treatment programs for adolescents and adult offenders. Specialised services for youth, women and Indigenous individuals. The network coordinates a research strategy aiming to gather information and data to influence policies and practices to reduce the disproportionate rates of mental illness, alcohol and drug use, addiction, sexually transmitted diseases and other chronic health issues which are present in this broad population.

Tags: Addiction, Assessment, Communities, Counselling, Drug courts, Harm reduction, Indigenous, Justice, Medical, Mental health, Pharmacotherapy, Prisoners, Rehab, Research, Strategy, Women, Youth