National Health Services Directory - healthdirect app

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Released: 14/11/2013
Cost: Free
Creator: National Health Call Centre Network Ltd Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android Last reviewed: 18/03/2016

Review: This app was first reviewed back in 2014 and got a very good review then, since then the app has been updated. This update has improved the app even more. It still uses automatic device location or user-input to provide a list and map of nearby health services, including location, opening hours and telephone numbers but the app now features a comprehensive symptom checker as well. The Symptom Checker tool guides the user through a series of questions to help them make an informed decision about what to do, whether it is self-care or seeing a health professional. All information in the app is sourced from Australia's leading health organisations and has undergone a quality assurance process so people can be assured it is safe, appropriate and relevant for Australians. We highly recommend this app as a useful tool for everyone.  

Tags: Consumers, Medical, Referrals, Rural and remote, Service directories