National Alcohol Indicators Project - National Drug Research Institute (NDRI)

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Australia Creator: National Drug Research Insititute (NDRI) - Curtin University Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 21/02/2019

Review: A nationally coordinated project aimed at tracking and reporting trends in alcohol-related harm in Australia at national, state and local levels. The NAIP has identified 5 major indicators of alcohol related harm: alcohol-attributable mortality and morbidity, alcohol related road crashes, self-reported patterns of drinking, per capita alcohol consumption and alcohol-related violence. Free access to statistical bulletins and reports that have been published. Excellent site and resources for professionals and academics concerned with policy, health promotion, harm reduction, prevention and early intervention strategies to support Indigenous communities, or impacts of dependence and addiction.

Tags: Alcohol, Communities, Drivers, Early intervention, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Indigenous, Policy, Prevention, Research, Statistics, Strategy, Violence, Youth