NADIA - Neurobiology of Adolescent Drinking in Adulthood Consortium - University of North Carolina, School of Medicine

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USA Creator: University of North Carolina - Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 25/02/2018

Review: A unique collaboration of researchers working together to address the impacts on the social, psychological and mental health developments of youth who engage in binge drinking or drinking of alcohol generally. The consortium aims to develop best models for the understanding of the impact of alcohol on teenage maturation by integrating the learning from their molecular, cellular, physiological, endocrine, genetic neuroanatomical and behavioral studies of underage drinking. Ultimately the consortium intends to provide an evidence-base to contribute to the development of policies, prevention strategies, health promotion campaigns and treatment interventions to reduce harms associated with underage drinking. Links are provided to abstracts of published materials. Currently this site is most informative for social health tertiary students.  

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