It's In Control - Milldura Community Network

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Australia, VIC Creator: Milldura Community Network Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 06/03/2019

Review: Archived comprehensive list of safe partying tips, hosting strategies and connection ideas. Designed by and for young people and services in Mildura with input from schools, police and local government. Useful harm reduction information for all young people, parents and the community with links to information, support services and where to register a proposed party. The generic nature of the stories and handy tips are good conversation starters for parents and carers who are concerned their under-aged children might be exposed to alcohol or other drugs. While the original resource is a bit dated, the tips and most of the contacts remain current.

Tags: Abuse & violence, Alcohol, Communities, Harm reduction, Law Enforcement, Parents, Police, Rural and remote, Safe partying, Schools, Youth