Research - HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies

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USA Creator: New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University - HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 07/05/2018

Review: An established research centre focussing on the prevention of HIV and other sexually or shared needle transmitted infectious diseases. Current research includes (1) individual vulnerabilities – mental illness, substance use, and gender and health disparities that facilitate risk and hinder adherence to prevention and care; (2) the need for behavioral and social science research to maximize the potential of biomedical prevention and treatment technologies; and (3) effective translation of research into "real-world" practice to close the gap among research, policy, and practice. This Center has published research that impacts on the medical care of the GLBTIQ population and women in heterosexual relationships with a partner who is HIV positive.

Tags: GLBTIQ, Infectious diseases, Medical, Policy, Prevention, Research, Women