Hello Sunday Morning

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International Creator: Hello Sunday Morning Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 17/10/2018

Review: An innovative health promotion and harm reduction campaign which encourages people, especially young adults, to pledge to partying safely and to avoid hangovers. There are online tips, opportunities to blog, access to apps, and even alcohol free drink recipes to help participants to maximise social experiences with minimal negative side effects. Peer support resources are available for people taking an alcohol break and also for those interested in alcohol moderation. 24-hour helpline and self-help links are provided for people needing extra assistance or encouragement to make or maintain a pledge. A mobile app has helped to make this initiative the largest online movement for alcohol behaviour change in the world.

Tags: Alcohol, Communities, Consumers, Early intervention, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Helpline, Online, Peer support, Safe partying, Self-help, Youth