Feed Safe app

4 out of 5 stars
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Released: 10/06/2014
Cost: Free
Creator: Australian Breastfeeding Association and Reach Health Promotion Innovations Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android Last reviewed: 14/07/2017

Review: Can I have the occasiomal drink while breastfeeding? How does alcohol affect breastmilk? How long after drinking do I have to wait before I breastfeed? Feed Safe tries to answer all these questions in a simple and visually appealing app from the Australian Breastfeeding Association, working the NHMRC Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol. While the app does emphasise the official NHMRC advice that not drinking is best during this time, it provides interactive tools to calculate how long alcohol may remain in breastmilk after drinking. The app is well designed and authoratitve, though it is built to factor in only full standard drinks, not half serves, which some users have found frustrating or confusing. Available on iTunes and Google Play.   

Tags: Alcohol, Children, Health promotion, Information, Women