2 out of 5 stars
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Released: 24/01/2016
Cost: Free
Creator: RMC Inc. Available for: iPad only Last reviewed: 05/06/2017

Review: It’s always with some reservation we review a 'drug education' app targeting young people. Will it be over-dramatic? Will it be too 'goody-two-shoes'? This Canadian app actually hits the mark quite well, presenting good, well-informed information on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, in a fun way. Using a comic book style and weaving information into the experiences the characters encounter, the content focuses on role models, independence, parents, drugs and self-determination. The messaging is about empowerment rather than dictating behaviour, and the drug information provided is accurate and appropriately worded for the 10–14 year old target audience. A find-a-word game subtly reinforces some of the key themes too. Don’t be put off by the in-app ads for US companies and websites—this app is an engaging way to introduce young people to information and advice about drugs. Available in iTunes.

Tags: Alcohol, Children, Education, Prevention, Youth