Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia (DANA)

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Australia Creator: Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia (DANA) Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 07/04/2018

Review: A peak nursing body that provides leadership, standards, resources and events to nurses and midwives with a professional interest in alcohol and other drugs. Promotes evidence-based practice and encourages research involvement. Provides access to a host of online and other professional development, education and mentoring opportunities including an annual conference. Members also receive consultancy, advice and advocacy services promoting alcohol and other drug issues inclusion in undergraduate curriculum, post-graduate clinical and research degrees. A one-stop shop for events, policy, networks, information, employment and current research on addiction issues. Supports the professional development of nurses working in the alcohol and other drugs field and contributes to national workforce development. Access to courses, conference proceedings, e-news and other events.

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