Drug Addiction: Drugs Handbook & Prescription Medications Reference Guide app

2 out of 5 stars
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Released: 16/08/2014
Cost: Free
Creator: Michael Quach Available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Last reviewed: 16/12/2014

Review: This is a very simple app with a single front page and a ‘favourites’ option. Essentially a mini reference tool, it lists in alphabetical order around 20 drugs and related issues and provides a short summary of each. While some of the details are specific to an American audience and the content tends to look and read like a high school health assignment, entries appear to be broadly factual and sometimes include mildly interesting information, such as common street names for drugs. Reassuringly, none of the information appears to be trying to promote anything other than a health agenda. Overall, this app really only skims lightly across the surface of a hugely complex area.

Tags: Addiction, Databases, Information