2 out of 5 stars
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Released: 06/10/2013
Cost: $2.99
Creator: Slappmedotcom Available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Last reviewed: 14/12/2016

Review: This breathalyser app allows you to set up a profile detailing your age, gender, height and weight. You enter your blood alcohol content (BAC) limit at the start of a session before adding your drinks and the time you drank them. It lists common types of alcohol along with their alcohol content but also allows you to enter other drinks. With each drink added, it shows your updated BAC in an image similar to a police breathalyser, with a reading that changes from green to red once you've gone over the limit. It also allows you to share your results on social media and email your location should you want to connect with friends or need a lift home. Easy to use but doesn't offer a fail-safe measure of your intoxication and no better than other free drinking-tracking apps available.

Tags: Alcohol, Binge drinking, Drivers