The Study of Patient Pathways in Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment - Turning Point

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Australia Creator: Turning Point as commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Health Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 15/01/2018

Review: The Patient Pathways study was commissioned to analyse patient journeys through the drug and alcohol treatment service system. The excellent report resulting from the study is essential reading for professionals and services supporting people with problematic issues related to the misuse of alcohol or other drugs or experiencing comorbidity issues. The statistics, research and subsequent recommendations clearly identify high-risk populations, the value of residential treatments, the need for authentic assessements, referrals and aftercare, the overlap in service needs for people experiencing homelessness or who are currently in the criminal justice system. The report provides information on current drug and alcohol systems, client pathways through care, and inter-system connectivity, particularly hospitals, and the specialist/community and primary care sectors.

Tags: Aftercare, Alcohol, Assessment, Brief intervention, Comorbidity, Homeless, Indigenous, Outreach, Policy, Polydrug use, Prisoners, Rehab, Residential treatment, Statistics