Cringe The Binge - Byron Youth Service

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Australia, National services Creator: Byron Youth Service Available for: Desktop Last reviewed: 15/04/2018

Review: A grass roots initiative that aims to reverse youth binge drinking by supporting individual and community action. The Byron Bay based project has developed resources, competitions, information, and e-news which are available nationally.  A couple of the video links are a bit old but the safe partying and sexual health messages remain current. Together with the Facebook page, this site provides other communities with ideas to decrease binge drinking, encourage safe partying and reduce alcohol-fuelled harms in community and private settings. Want to create Australia's next safe partying message? Then take a little time to download the Poster Templates to design a poster that will help to save lives and brain cells.   

Tags: Alcohol, Binge drinking, Campaigns, Communities, Prevention, Safe partying, Strategy, Youth