Blurred Minds

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Australia, QLD Creator: Social Marketing @ Griffith and the University of Queensland CYSAR research centre Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 31/08/2018

Review: Blurred Minds is an evidence-based program which can be used by Queensland teachers as a supplement to the drug education components of the Health and Physical Education curriculum.  A free component of this resource is access to online, interactive quizzes and games for students where they are challenged to submit accurate answers to questions about to the use of, and laws surrounding, alcohol. As part of this, students are required to download the Blurred Minds Virtual Reality App, which, while a potentially interesting use of VR, does add a level of complexity to site access. The website itself has patchy use of alt-text, but is still navigable. This is a review of the website, not the Blurred Minds program. 

Tags: Alcohol, Curriculum, Harm reduction, Online, Resources, Students, Teachers