International Overdose Awareness Day - Penington Institute

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International Creator: Penington Institute Available for: Desktop, Mobile Last reviewed: 05/03/2019

Review: Initially started as an awareness campaign to support people who use drugs, their families, carers, friends and local communities to better understand the impacts of overdosing. It is now a powerful international campaign which addresses both intentional and unintentional overdose, and the potential harms of polydrug use. Empathetic support for families is in the testimonies of people suffering losses. An annual campaign is run culminating in an International Awareness Day (31st August). Included in the site is a series of user-friendly resources which are available online to download for free and an app which helps consumers and their families to recognise the signs of overdose with tips for prevention and early intervention. The global awareness campaign began in Australia.

Tags: Advocacy, Campaigns, Carers, Communities, Early intervention, Events, Families, Harm reduction, Overdose, People who use drugs, Polydrug use, Prevention, Statistics