Online Intergroup - Alcoholics Anonymous

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International Creator: Alcoholics Anonymous Available for: Desktop Last reviewed: 14/05/2018

Review: Access to 24/7 online peer support managed by Alcoholics Anonymous. Includes multicultural options, AA philosophy, and access to online chat or email support. While it is possible for people who use drugs other than alcohol and are experiencing dependency challenges to access the open meetings, only consumers with specific alcohol addiction or dependence challenges can attend closed meetings. The site includes a section for drug intervention professionals. Note, the cyber options include groups for people choosing the support of like individuals such as men only or women only or GLBTIQ. This site demonstrates an innovative option provided by one of the longest established self-help groups offering options which allow for both out-of-hours access and global anonymity. 

Tags: Addiction, Alcohol, Consumers, Email, Events, GLBTIQ, Men, Multicultural, Online, Peer support, People who use drugs, Self-help, Women