Alcohol and your brain app

4 out of 5 stars
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Released: 25/06/2013
Cost: Free
Creator: Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation (ALDAF) & DrinkWise Australia Available for: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Last reviewed: 27/06/2016

Review: Alcohol and your brain is a seven minute virtual tour, using video and 3D mapping to describe what happens in the body and the brain as well as to behaviours and emotions when too much alcohol is consumed. To reinforce the information, there is a question and answer section at the end.  The app age is restricted (17 years and over).   The video is well narrated, but there are some accessibility concerns: is no transcript available for the video, and there are many flashing lights, dizzying scene transitions and sound effects, and a reliance shaky-cam. There is no seizure warning for strobing light effects.   All information is technically correct, but some of the messages are a little sensationalist. The app's purpose is to provide information and it does achieve this, including detailing the short- and long-term effects of alcohol on the brain.  Teachers, drug educators and young adults may find this app useful. It may also be a handy addition to alcohol and other drug workers' prevention toolkits. Available in iTunes.

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