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31. Alcohol and other drug services - Bendigo Community Health Services

Australia, VIC Creator: Bendigo Community Health Services Last reviewed: 14/04/2018

Review: Provides a comprehensive range of alcohol, other drug and comorbidity services including assessment, case planning, home-based and residential withdrawal, pharmacotherapy, rehab programs, education and safe injecting initiatives. Provides targeted programs to men, women and youth in rural and remote areas. Prevention education is offerred through health promotion initiatves. No referral is necessary to access the services. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their treatment services.

Tags: Addiction, Assessment, Consumers, Counselling, Detox, Harm minimisation, Health promotion, Infectious diseases, Information, Men, Outreach, Pharmacotherapy, Prevention, Rehab, Rural and remote, Withdrawal, Women, Youth

32. Alcohol and other drug services - Peninsula Health

Australia, VIC Creator: Peninsula Health Last reviewed: 19/03/2018

Review: Links to peer support groups, medical clinics, drink or drug drive servcies, safe injecting needle deposit locations, youth services and other early intervention and treatment services for people who use drugs. Targeted programs available for older adults and young people. Services are available in different locations throughout the peninsula. 

Tags: Diversion, Drivers, Early intervention, Families, Offenders, Outreach, Peer support, People who use drugs, Referrals, Rehab, Resources, Safe injecting, Seniors, Youth

33. Alcohol and other drug services - Womens Health and Family Services

Australia, WA Creator: Womens Health and Family Services Last reviewed: 01/03/2018

Review: Offers a variety of alcohol and other drug services to support women, their children and families. Programs incorporate assessment, counselling, group work and diversion referrals with specific care available to Aboriginal, prisoner, migrant and refugee women. Access to programs targeting pregnant and or parenting women and their families with services for children affected by their parents’ addiction. 

Tags: Assessment, Children, Counselling, Diversion, Families, Health promotion, Indigenous, Multicultural, Parents, Pregnancy, Prisoners, Referrals, Women

34. Alcohol and other drug treatment services - Cyrenian House

Australia, WA Creator: Cyrenian House Last reviewed: 01/03/2018

Review: Offers a range of residential and non-residential harm reduction, drug, alcohol and comorbidity detox and rehab programs, including family services and treatment programs for parents with children. Programs are delivered via outreach and to rural and remote areas and to targetted populations such as offenders. Priority beds are reserved for Indigenous men and women needing immediate support. Self-referral is possible by phoning the main office and requesting an appointment. All programs offer aftercare and support to locate transitional housing if required. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Aftercare, Assessment, Communities, Comorbidity, Counselling, Detox, Diversion, Families, Indigenous, Offenders, Outreach, Parents, Pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy, Referrals, Rehab, Residential treatment, Rural and remote, Training, Youth

35. Alcohol and other drugs - South Australia Police

Australia, SA Creator: SA Government Last reviewed: 18/04/2017

Review: An overview of SA Police response to issues related to reducing the harms related to AOD use and misuse in communities throughout the state. Adopting a harm reduction role it aims to reduce supply, reduce demand and reduce drug related harm. Provides links to the state and national drug strategies.

Tags: Communities, Government, Harm reduction, Law Enforcement, Police

36. Alcohol and other drugs - ACON

Australia, NSW Creator: ACON Health Last reviewed: 28/02/2018

Review: A community-based organisation promoting the health and wellbeing of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. There is harm reduction, safe injecting and general alcohol and drug information for people who use drugs. ACON has developed a 'stimulant health check-up' for GLBTIQ people who use ICE. Mental health and comorbidity issues are addressed for GLBTIQ people, their families and friends. Outreach services are available in multiple metropolitan and rural locations with telephone access to referrals, advice and other services.

Tags: Amphetamines, Campaigns, Comorbidity, Counselling, Families, GLBTIQ, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Ice, Infectious diseases, Outreach, Peer support, People who use drugs, Prevention, Referrals, Safe injecting, Telephone

37. Alcohol and other drugs - Adult and Family - Barwon Child, Youth and family

Australia, VIC Creator: Barwon Child, Youth and Family Last reviewed: 30/11/2018

Review: Non-government agency providing a range of outreach, assessment, counselling, alternative treatments, referral, counselling and relapse prevention services for young people aged 12–25 years and the families of people who use drugs in the Geelong and surf coast region. Email or phone for referral and intake enquiries. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Alternative treatments, Assessment, Diversion, Families, Outreach, People who use drugs, Prevention, Rehab, Youth

38. Alcohol and other drugs - Cobaw Community Health

Australia, VIC Creator: Cobaw Community Health Last reviewed: 01/03/2018

Review: Comprehensive range of services and support for people who use drugs and their families. Access to information, assessment, counselling, youth support, withdrawal and drug diversion. Harm reduction strategies, detox and relapse prevention are also provided. The service welcomes both self-referrals and referrals from medical professionals with access to residents in the rural and remote location. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Assessment, Consumers, Counselling, Detox, Diversion, Families, Harm reduction, Medical, People who use drugs, Prevention, Referrals, Rural and remote, Youth

39. Alcohol and other drugs - EASA

Australia, NT Creator: Employee Assistance Service NT Inc. - [EASA] Last reviewed: 01/03/2018

Review: Specialist counselling services to help employees and their immediate families affected by alcohol and other drugs. Services include access to smoking cessation programs and drink driver education. Organisational consultations available throughout the Northern Territory. Based in Darwin.

Tags: Addiction, Alcohol, Assessment, Counselling, Drivers, Education, Families, Rehab, Tobacco, Workplaces

40. Alcohol and other drugs - Hume Health and Lifestyle - HumeHealth

Australia, VIC Creator: HumeHealth Last reviewed: 28/02/2018

Review: A free community website with an invitation for local agencies, service providers and self help groups are to have their details included on the website. in the Alcohol and Other Drugs area. Included are links to emergency contacts, Hume AOD services, general information about alcohol and other drugs and the concepts of harm reduction. There are also links to older AOD resources. However, it is recommended a broader web search is made for more up-to-date resources. 

Tags: Alcohol, Assessment, Comorbidity, Harm reduction, Infectious diseases, Information, Policy, Professionals, Rural and remote, Self-help, Service directories