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101. Doctoralia

Australia, National services Creator: Doctoralia Internet S.L. Last reviewed: 14/04/2018

Review: A directory of health professionals located throughout Australia and internationally. Provides the opportunity to sign in and ask a medical question. Responses are emailed. General self-help information about addiction, alcohol, other drugs (licit and illicit) and mental health. The site includes a directory of Australian medical practitioners which is located in their search. through their search or ask an expert a question online.

Tags: Addiction, Consumers, Medical use, Mental health, Online, Professionals, Service directories

102. Drink and drug driving - Queensland Government

Australia, QLD Creator: Queensland Government Last reviewed: 27/10/2017

Review: Information about laws, penalties and law enforcement regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs for drivers of vehicles in Queensland. General information about the effects and side-effects of alcohol and other drugs. Includes clear guidelines on BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) and penalties for being caught drug or drink driving. There is specific detail for both new and experienced drivers.

Tags: Diversion, Drivers, Government, Information, Law, Law Enforcement

103. Drug & Alcohol Support - Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia

Australia, SA Creator: Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia Last reviewed: 13/04/2018

Review: Provides a diverse range of culturally appropriate health care and community support services for Indigenous people in the Adelaide city and northern suburbs.  Includes needle exchange, counselling, methadone services, Quit smoking support, referrals, advocacy, and targeted health care for men, women and children. Strong partnerships with other government and non-government services. Health promotion and smoking prevention campaigns targeting young people.

Tags: Advocacy, Children, Communities, Counselling, Harm reduction, Indigenous, Men, Pharmacotherapy, Prevention, Referrals, Safe injecting, Safe partying, Tobacco, Women

104. Drug & alcohol counselling & controlled drinking - Clear Day Consulting & Coaching

Australia, NSW Creator: Clear Day Consulting & Coaching Last reviewed: 12/09/2018

Review: A private clinic brokering alcohol, other drug and mental health assessment, counselling and treatment services in the Sydney area. The services are best suited to consumers who have mild to moderate alcohol and other drug misuse requiring early intervention. Self-referral is available. Note: This is a review and star rating of the provider’s website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Addiction, Assessment, Counselling, Early intervention, Mental health, Rehab

105. Drug Aware - Drug and Alcohol Office - WA Government

Australia, WA Creator: WA Government - Drug and Alcohol Office Last reviewed: 28/03/2018

Review: Established to target young people with harm reduction messages with respect to illicit drugs. Features campaign materials, drug facts, staying safe strategies, answers to frequently asked questions and discussion of issues, such as drug testing, sex and drugs. Access to an online chat with a counsellor, a helpline and resources. Strong Spirit Strong Mind program targeted to encourage Indigenous young people to gain strength through their culture. This is a user-friendly site for people who use drugs and are looking for factual, discreet information or support.

Tags: Campaigns, Counselling, Harm reduction, Helpline, Indigenous, Information, Online, People who use drugs, Prevention, Resources, Safe partying, Strategy, Youth

106. Drug Court - Court's Administration Authority of South Australia

Australia, SA Creator: Court's Administration Authority of South Australia Last reviewed: 29/01/2018

Review: Combines intensive judicial supervision, mandatory drug testing, escalating sanctions and treatment and support services to help drug-abuse offenders break the cycle of drug abuse and crime. Indigenous offenders can access a designated community worker. The Drug Court works in cooperation with the Police and non-government organisations to include counselling, treatment, drug diversion and case management for offenders with a focus on pro-social modelling and an expectation to reduce illicit drug use.    

Tags: Consumers, Counselling, Detox, Diversion, Drug courts, Early intervention, Indigenous, Offenders, Rehab

107. Drug Education Network (DEN)

Australia, TAS Creator: Drug Education Network (DEN) Last reviewed: 01/04/2018

Review: A harm reduction non-government organisation providing health promotion information, prevention tips and general drug education resources. Advocates for evidence informed practice in health and community services and produces fact sheets and a host of resources translated into other languages. Works closely with schools to develop learning tools and professional development resources to enable drug education to be integrated within the national curriculum. Projects targeting schools, parents, seniors, media, workplaces and community groups. 

Tags: Education, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Information, Multicultural, Prevention, Professional development, Students, Teachers

108. Drug Health - Western Sydney Local Health District - NSW Government

Australia, NSW Creator: NSW Government Last reviewed: 30/01/2018

Review: A comprehensive network of health services providing both in and outpatient alcohol and other drug detox, rehabilitation, pharmacotherapy, counselling, diversion, prevention, outreach and infectious diseases. Targets general population, children, adolescents and families. 

Tags: Aftercare, Consumers, Counselling, Detox, Diversion, Families, Infectious diseases, Outreach, Pharmacotherapy, Pregnancy, Prevention, Rehab, Youth

109. Drug Health and Addiction Medicine Services - Western Health

Australia, VIC Creator: Western Health Last reviewed: 30/03/2019

Review: Diverse range of services for people who use drugs and their families in the Western Health district of Melbourne, Victoria. Includes assessment, early intervention, prevention, counselling, specialist pharmacotherapy programs, residential alcohol and other drug addiction recovery treatments and withdrawal options. Specialist support for complex comorbidity or medical issues. Additional help available if required for carers, children and families, and Indigenous consumers. NOTE: This review is for the website only, not the treatment services offered.

Tags: Assessment, Children, Comorbidity, Consumers, Counselling, Detox, Early intervention, Families, Indigenous, Pharmacotherapy, Prevention, Rehab, Residential treatment

110. Drug Safety Program - North Richmond Community Health Centre

Australia, VIC Creator: North Richmond Community Health Limited Last reviewed: 12/09/2018

Review: Offers services to people who use misuse alcohol and other drugs, as well as support geared toward their partners and families. The service promotes harm reduction, strengths-based approaches and client-centred principles. Services include: a Needle and Syringe Program (NSP), Drug Outreach workers and community education toolkits. Since last review, the website has been upgraded and displays well on mobile devices. 

Tags: Families, Harm reduction, Outreach, People who use drugs, Safe injecting