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71. Substance use and addiction program - Delmont Private Hospital

Australia, VIC Creator: Delmont Private Hospital Last reviewed: 26/07/2018

Review: A private hospital offering detoxification, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and withdrawal services for people dependent on alcohol and other drugs or with mental health issues.

Tags: Addiction, Alternative treatments, Assessment, Comorbidity, Detox, Mental health, Outreach, Pharmacotherapy, Rehab, Residential treatment, Withdrawal

72. Support and Intervention - Victoria's Mental Health Services - Victoria State Government

Australia, VIC Creator: Victorian Government Last reviewed: 25/04/2018

Review: Service directory of mental health services and facilities in Victoria. Use the links and search tools to identify specialty areas and locations. 

Tags: Mental health, Service directories

73. Tabor House Youth Withdrawal Unit - UnitingCare Ballarat

Australia, VIC Creator: UnitingCare Ballarat Last reviewed: 18/12/2018

Review: A drug-free residential environment in a rural setting working within a harm reduction approach to assist young people aged 12–21 years to withdraw from substances and to develop life skills. Referrals to the facility and programs can be made by contacting the assessment nurse. Aftercare is provided through peer support groups and post-program referrals by the service to other support services to enable continuing care. Note: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Aftercare, Alternative treatments, Assessment, Detox, Harm reduction, Residential treatment, Youth

74. Teen Challenge Victoria

Australia, VIC Creator: Teen Challenge Victoria Last reviewed: 10/12/2018

Review: Provides a comprehensive long-term faith-based residential rehab program for men who use drugs, are challenged by dependence or addiction, or have comorbidity issues and are looking to re-focus their lives. Families, carers and friends will find the FAQs and 'Helpful Information' interesting. The services are for men 16+. Located in Kyabram. Self-referral is available. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Addiction, Comorbidity, Information, Men, Referrals, Rehab, Residential treatment

75. The AOD (Alcohol & Other Drugs) and Psychology Services - Caraniche

Australia, VIC Creator: Caraniche Last reviewed: 29/05/2018

Review: Provides free clinical, forensic, counselling and other psychological services with a speciality in assessing and treating people experiencing alcohol and other drug-related issues. Access to evidence-based employee assistance programs, clinical supervision and case management. Also provides training, workplace services and research. Services located in the outer-northern metropolitan area of Melbourne.

Tags: Addiction, Assessment, Clinical guidelines, Comorbidity, Counselling, Mental health, Prisoners, Professional development, Rehab, Research, Training, Workplaces

76. The Bridge Programme - The Salvation Army

Australia, VIC Creator: The Salvation Army Last reviewed: 28/05/2017

Review: A 16 week therapeutic residential recovery program for alcohol and drug addiction located at the foot of Mount Dandenong. Provides men and women experiencing problematic addictive behaviours with a holistic treatment program comprising therapy, skills development and community integration.

Tags: Aftercare, Alternative treatments, Assessment, Counselling, Men, Rehab, Residential treatment, Women

77. The Melbourne Clinic - Healthscope Hospitals

Australia, VIC Creator: Healthscope Hospitals Last reviewed: 18/12/2018

Review: A private mental health clinic providing residential treatment, day patient, outpatient and outreach programs to address addiction, comorbidity and mental health issues using a range of therapeutic interventions including counselling, pharmacotherapy and group sessions. Healthcare provider online referrals available. Note: This is a review and star rating of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Addiction, Assessment, Comorbidity, Counselling, Mental health, Pharmacotherapy, Residential treatment

78. Training - Diversitat Training

Australia, VIC Creator: Geelong Ethnic Communities Council Inc. trading as Diversitat Last reviewed: 18/12/2018

Review: A registered training organisation based in Geelong offering Certificate IV in Alcohol and other Drugs, Certificate IV in Mental Health, and specific courses for working with young people and multicultural communities. Access to short courses in the responsible serving of alcohol and government training subsidies. Download courses and training run by experienced, industry qualified trainers and assessors. Note, students working or volunteering in the area of mental health or alcohol and other drugs can access an option to do workplace, off-campus modules. Students, youth, or persons experiencing unemployment can use the interactive tool to check their training subsidy eligibility.

Tags: Alcohol, Comorbidity, Education, Mental health, Multicultural, Online, Students, Training, Unemployment, Workplaces, Youth

79. Turning Point Alcohol and Drug

Australia, VIC Creator: Eastern Health - Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Last reviewed: 18/12/2018

Review: A peak agency providing world leading treatment and research in the drug and alcohol field. Consumers and families can access information, education resources, self-help tools, counselling, rehab referrals, outreach services, and online and telephone help. Professionals supporting clients with addiction or problematic AOD or comorbidity issues can benefit from regular professional development options, short courses, graduate programs, and access to clinical guidelines and research findings. Turning Point has established its authority in influencing state and national community and political policy in relation alcohol and other drugs. The organisation has significant harm reduction expertise. 

Tags: Addiction, Assessment, Clinical guidelines, Comorbidity, Consumers, Counselling, Early intervention, Education, Families, Harm reduction, Multicultural, Outreach, Peak bodies, Policy, Professional development, Professionals, Referrals, Rehab, Research, Screening, Self-help, Training

80. UnitingCare ReGen

Australia, VIC Creator: Uniting Care ReGen Last reviewed: 06/08/2018

Review: Leading alcohol and other drugs treatment, counselling, assessment, education and advocacy agency offering a wide range of evidence-based services within a harm reduction framework. Withdrawal and aftercare services available in some locations. Targeted services for youth and their families offered. Training, development, news updates and resources are available for professionals working with clients with alcohol and other drug, trauma, and other comorbidity issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      comorbidity issues. Services are located throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

Tags: Addiction, Advocacy, Assessment, Comorbidity, Consumers, Counselling, Detox, Drivers, Education, Families, Harm reduction, Information, News, Professional development, Rehab, Residential treatment, Withdrawal, Youth