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51. Orygen

Australia, VIC Creator: Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health Last reviewed: 31/01/2019

Review: Comprehensive mental health, mental illness and comorbidity support and interventions for young people, their parents and families. Cutting-edge research, policy development, innovative clinical services and evidence-based training and education are embedded in the total services. Clinical services are available in multiple locations servicing the western and north-western areas of Melbourne with online information, advocacy, resources and advisory activities being promoted nationally.  

Tags: Advocacy, Assessment, Clinical guidelines, Education, Families, Information, Mental health, Peer support, Prevention, Research, Residential treatment, Training, Youth

52. Our services - MonashLink Community Health Service

Australia, VIC Creator: MonashLink Community Health Service Last reviewed: 29/08/2018

Review: Provides a range of primary care, counselling services, health promotion, prevention, early intervention and needle and syringe programs to the City of Monash and surrounding areas. Specialist alcohol and other drugs counselling and group services available.

Tags: Comorbidity, Consumers, Counselling, Early intervention, Families, Health promotion, Prevention, Rehab, Safe injecting, Violence

53. Our services - Nexus Primary Health

Australia, VIC Creator: Nexus Primary Health Last reviewed: 17/01/2018

Review: Primary healthcare with specialist alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and comorbidity prevention, education, non-residential withdrawal, counselling, recovery, accommodation support, youth outreach and NSEP. A preventative health and community development team works with schools, community groups and sporting clubs to promote health and reduce substance related violence and harm. All services are free or low cost. Located in the communities of Mitchell and Murrindindi Shires. 

Tags: Abuse & violence, Addiction, Communities, Counselling, Detox, Harm reduction, Health promotion, Homeless, Outreach, Prevention, Rehab, Withdrawal, Youth

54. Outpatient group programs - Austin Health

Australia, VIC Creator: Austin Health Last reviewed: 14/12/2018

Review: An outpatient group-based, peer support treatment and support program for individuals with post-traumatic mental health conditions who experience alcohol or other drug misuse. The program includes education, behaviour change and relapse prevention. Also offered is a rehab program which is conducted over a twelve month period. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Comorbidity, Consumers, Counselling, Education, Mental health, Peer support, Rehab

55. Parentline - Victorian Government—Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Australia, VIC Creator: Victorian Government—Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Last reviewed: 17/12/2018

Review: A Victorian-based telephone helpline for parents and carers of children from birth to 18 years.  It includes acute incident counselling with professionals to assist with issues experienced by parents of children and teenagers. Support available in multiple languages 8am - midnight 7 days/week.

Tags: Children, Counselling, Families, Helpline, Multicultural, Parents, Youth

56. Programs - Youth Projects

Australia, VIC Creator: Youth Projects Last reviewed: 17/12/2018

Review: Health, support, outreach and aftercare services for disadvantaged and homeless young people to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing. Strong focus on harm reduction, early intervention and prevention of alcohol and other drug use. Access to professional training opportunities. This review does not assess the quality of their services.

Tags: Aftercare, Counselling, Education, Harm reduction, Homeless, Outreach, Safe injecting, Unemployment, Youth

57. Quit Victoria

Australia, VIC Creator: Quit Victoria Last reviewed: 08/05/2018

Review: Peak organisation responsible for reducing the harmful effects of tobacco. Provides comprehensive information on best practice in motivating and preparing people to quit smoking. Assistance through a range of resources to support individuals working through this process. Access to factual information, campaign materials, resources, guidance and quit programs in many languages. Telephone and online support.

Tags: Consumers, Detox, Harm reduction, Information, Multicultural, Peak bodies, Prevention, Resources, Self-help, Tobacco

58. QuitCoach - Cancer Council Victoria

Australia, VIC Creator: Cancer Council Victoria Last reviewed: 13/02/2019

Review: Free, evidence-based, online self-help smoking cessation program. Includes a self-assessment tool, a personalised quitting plan, strategies to help resist urges to smoke, and provides information to better understand nicotine addiction and withdrawal. Telephone help is also available by phoning the Quitline. 

Tags: Addiction, Assessment, Consumers, Detox, Helpline, Online, Self-help, Tobacco, Withdrawal

59. Raymond Hader Clinic

Australia, VIC Creator: Raymond Hader Clinic Last reviewed: 14/12/2018

Review: Provides alcohol and other drug withdrawal, treatment and ongoing rehabilitative support in therapeutic residential and outpatient services. Incorporates family intervention, transitional housing and aftercare. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Addiction, Aftercare, Alternative treatments, Counselling, Detox, Families, Outreach, Rehab, Residential treatment

60. Reconnexion

Australia, VIC Creator: EACH - Reconnexion Last reviewed: 30/04/2018

Review: Focuses on depression, anxiety disorders, and benzodiazepine addiction and dependency issues. Group sessions, counselling, a telephone helpline and online support are available for people who use drugs, have comorbidity issues or who are generally seeking help. The site also provides access to information, professional development opportunities, treatment options, self-help products and resources. The organisation has roles for people wishing to volunteer their time and services. Useful factsheets available in multiple languages. NOTE: This is a review of the provider's website and the information on it, not a review of the quality of their services.

Tags: Addiction, Alternative treatments, Analgesics, Benzodiazepines, Comorbidity, Consumers, Counselling, Email, Helpline, Information, Mental health, Multicultural, Online, People who use drugs, Resources, Youth