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1. Community Directory - Victorian Multicultural Commission

3 out of 5 stars
Australia, VIC Creator: Victorian Multicultural Commission Last reviewed: 31/03/2016 Tags: Communities, Government, Law, Multicultural, Service directories

4. Services - Oakdene House Foundation

Australia, NSW Creator: Oakdene House Foundation Last reviewed: 29/11/2016

Review: A 6 week counselling and group-work program including assessment and peer support based on the 12-step philosophy for people with alcohol or gambling addictions. Aims to dispel myths associated with addiction through education and developing life skills. Services are also offered for families and significant others. Multicultural programs available. Located in Fairfield.

Tags: 12-step programs, Addiction, Aftercare, Consumers, Families, Multicultural, Peer support, Rehab

8. Mental Health First Aid

5 out of 5 stars
Australia, National services Creator: Mental Health First Aid Last reviewed: 24/08/2016 Tags: Clinical guidelines, Communities, Comorbidity, Indigenous, Mental health, Multicultural, Online, Professionals, Research, Training, Workplaces, Youth