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Overdose Aware

5 out of 5 stars
Learn what the stars mean Australia, VIC Creator: Penington Institute Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android Last reviewed: 31/08/2016
Released: 20/09/2014
Cost: Free

Review: Overall this is a great app providing practical advice on the signs of overdose and what to do if those signs are present. But the real strength of this app lies in its appealing layout and design, and its highly credible information from a reputable source. The only criticism is that information doubles up when you look at the different ways overdose can present depending on the drug involved. There are four categories that range from general (stimulants and depressants) to quite specific (opioids and alcohol). The information for depressants, alcohol and opioids are similar, with the opioids category containing more information. It would have been better to have all the categories specific to certain drugs rather than the potentially confusing mix. A minor complaint for an otherwise excellent app.

Tags: Information, Overdose